My favorite season is here … officially kicked off 3 days ago.  Ahhhhhh, Fall!!!!  Waving goodbye to the hot humid days of summer to the in between temps of Fall.  I’m all wrapped up in the excitement of what this season holds – the change of colors from vibrant greens to reds, orange-reds, browns and yellow; family gatherings; and indoor escapes.

Each season represents another opportunity to design and redesign.  The reoccurring theme is to bring the outside beauty in … there are many ways to do that.  Design is inspired by some many things from colors to textures to materials.  Being led by all or one of those elements produces a tailored and rich design experience.  Many people during this time of year are challenged with how to bring the outside in.  Today, I’ll share a small but overlooked tip on how a simple design change could alter the mood and feel of your home.  I did this recently by adding a little life to my front porch.

The stores are full of autumn/Thanksgiving themed decorations. On a recent shopping trip with friends, I found the perfect doormat that I wasn’t, but weirdly was looking for. Who shops for a doormat after all and on top of that there’s nothing wrong with the one I have. A $10 find find changed the look of my front porch. I found the perfect doormat that captured the very essence of what I’m hoping Fall will bring to my home and my life. “Autumn Blessings” sums up exactly what I want this season. Blessings. Blessings on my job, my friends and family … I hoped that the joy of my home and heart spills out onto my door mat and down the streets of my neighborhood.

Today, I traded my “welcome” for “autumn blessings.”


Let your design style flow …


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